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Sunparks Oostduinkerke



Activities in the area. Sunparks Oostduinkerke is located at the North Sea coast with numerous hiking and biking routes, shopping fun in Ostend and Bruges

Cool cities

    • Blankenberge: If you like big cities , Blankenberge is definitely a must. The city offers museums, lots of stores , bars and plenty of indoor and outdoor activities.

    • Nieuwpoort: Sunbathing or beach walks, play recreation or water sports, Nieuwpoort has it all.
      Plenty of stores and nice restaurants to visit in this gem of a seaside town.

    • Koksijde: art village by the sea, a must for everyone. Koksijde is more than just sun and beach. Ever seen a shrimp fisherman at work? You can only experience this unique spectacle in Koksijde!

1.Plopsaland De Panne

De Pannelaan 68
8660 De Panne (Adinkerke)

Studio 100’s Plopsaland theme park is barely 20 minutes from Sunparks Oostduinkerke. The coastal streetcar has a stop just before the entrance, making it a perfect base for Plopsaland De Panne.

The amusement park is home to popular characters such as Kabouter Plop, Bumba, K3, Piet Piraat and Samson and Gert from Studio 100.

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2. Bellewaerde

Meenseweg 497
8902 Ieper

An amusement park and zoo. Take a ride on the Bengal Express: a little train that takes visitors into the world of lions and tigers!

Elephants, giraffes, monkeys, zebras, watoetsis , wallabies, a total of 300 special animal species.

With more than 25 attractions, there is something for everyone! The dancing balloons for the young kids , the Niagara for the whole family and the Boomerang and Screaming Eagle for real daredevils!

The exciting stunt & dive show Goldrush and special nocturnes complete your visit!

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3. BoudewijnSeapark

Alfons De Baeckestraat 12
8200 Brugge (Sint-Michiels)

Boudewijn Seapark is a Belgian theme and animal park, located in the province of West Flanders, Bruges.

Its fame is mainly due to the fact that it includes the only dolphinarium in Belgium where bottlenose dolphins are presented. They participate in shows, as do the park’s other marine mammals, California sea lions and harbor seals. Other park facilities include a raptor show and a menagerie of domestic and wild animals. The park also includes several attractions: a carousel, an ice rink and exhibit halls.

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4. Numerous bicycle routes

Polderstraat 158
8670 Oostduinkerke

If you want to discover the surroundings of Sunparks Oostduinkerke in a smooth and active way, a bicycle tour is the ideal way. We offer you a free cycling tip via the cycling network in West Flanders, available in the Bike & Fun. Explore the wide surroundings of Koksijde-Oostduinkerke via the nodes of this loop mapped out for you. You ride along beautiful places and sights, such as Westfront Nieuwpoort, Koksijde Golf Ter Hille and the visitor and educational center De Doornpanne. The headings on the map show where you can make a refreshing stop.

5. Numerous hiking trails

Polderstraat 158
8670 Oostduinkerke

If you want to discover the surroundings of Sunparks Oostduinkerke in a quiet and active way, a walking tour is the ideal way. Near the park, a whole walking network is waiting for you. On the website, you can view numerous free walking maps of the region online. Both for walking as a couple and with small and large groups. Walking is pleasant but even more fun when you can experience something along the way. A bite to eat, a boat trip, visiting a place of interest.

6. Shrimp fisherman on horseback

Schipgatduinen St André
8670 Oostduinkerke

The beach of shrimpers on horseback can be found in Oostduinkerke. Beach, vast dunes and shrimp fishermen on horseback, it does not get any more authentic. Oostduinkerke is the only place in the world where shrimps are still caught on horseback. At low tide, you see the fishermen in yellow jackets and their sturdy farm horses at work. The shrimps are not only caught, but occasionally cooked and sold on the beach.

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7.Boat trips ‘Seastar’

Robert Orlentpromenade 2
8620 Nieuwpoort

As captain of Rederij Seastar, I have only one goal. To let you see, feel and experience life on the water. An educational experience for young and old alike. You can experience this with us by taking part in unique harbour tours on the mouth of the IJzer in Nieuwpoort or iron tours between Nieuwpoort and Diksmuide.
We are happy to combine this for you with a snack and a drink during our theme cruises, a sumptuous dinner. Enjoy a boat trip with an adapted activity. All this with the pleasant company of friends, family, colleagues,…Experience a unique moment and feel like the star of the day.

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8. Ten Duinen Abdij Museum

A. Verbouwelaan 15,
8670 Koksijde

In the Middle Ages, the silhouette of the Duinenabdij dominated the Koksijd landscape. A visit to the Abbey Museum will let you stroll in peace and quiet along its old wall stands, surrounded by beautiful nature. Marvel at unique collection pieces found on site by archaeologists, the history of the abbey and the important role of the Dune Lords in the region.

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9. Fishing museum

Pastoor Schmitzstraat 5
8670 Oostduinkerke

At the National Fisheries Museum, you walk through the history of Flemish sea and coastal fishing. Beach fishing and the story of shrimp fishermen on horseback, a unique living tradition in Oostduinkerke, also have their place within the rich museum collection.

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10. IJzertoren & dodengang

IJserdijk 49, 8600 Diksmuide  (IJsertoren)
IJserdijk 65, 8600 Diksmuide  (Dodengang)

The Iron Tower houses the 22-storey interactive museum of war & peace.
From the roof terrace, 84 metres high, you have a unique view of the entire front region.
The Trench of Death is a complex of preserved trenches from World War I. The Dodengang is located next to a bend of the IJzer in the Diksmuid district of Kaaskerke. The complex is the last piece of the Belgian front from World War I.

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11. Raversijde Atlantikwall

Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 636,
8400 Oostende

The Atlantic Wall Open Air Museum is located in the Provincial Domain Raversijde in Raversijde, a hamlet west of the Belgian city of Ostend. The museum displays part of the Atlantic Wall, a World War II defence belt.

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12. Westfront

Kustweg 2,
8620 Nieuwpoort

The King Albert Monument is a war memorial in the Belgian coastal town of Nieuwpoort. It stands just outside the old town centre, on the right bank of the Yser, near the Ganzepoot lock complex.
Under the monument, Westfront, via unique objects, interactive modules, personal stories and a 180° projection of the IJzer panorama, displays this remarkable piece of Nieuwpoort’s history

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13. Cap Griz-Nez 

Cap Gris-Nez is a cape on the Dover Strait in France. This cape forms the closest place on the European continent to Britain. It is barely 33 km from the Dover chalk cliffs in England. The cape is located in the municipality of Audinghen in the Pas-de-Calais department