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Household Regulations

These household regulations are applicable for all parcs of Sunparks (hereinafter called owner) and meant for the tenants of cottages, their company and in general for all visitors of the parcs of Sunparks:

        • Arrangements that deviate from the clauses contained in these regulations are only valid if and insofar as such deviations are expressly agreed in writing between the tenant and the landlord.  
        • The tenant, his party and in general all visitors to the parks of Sunparks are obliged to behave correctly and to refrain from acting in a manner that could reasonably be expected to cause offence to the landlord or to other visitors.
        • The tenant is liable for any damage caused by him, his party or his visitors at the park to other people and/or to the property of the landlord or third parties et al. The sum owed by the tenant to the landlord by way of compensation for damage must be transferred as soon as the first straightforward written summons issued to that effect has been received.
        • The tenant is not allowed to keep animals at the park that cause a nuisance or an inconvenience. The same applies to engines, instruments, tools or similar objects that may, in the opinion of the manager, cause a nuisance. Radios and other sound equipment must be used in such a way that they cannot be heard outside the cottage.
        • The landlord retains the right at all times to enter the cottage for an inspection and/or to carry out or supervise maintenance work. This will not entitle the tenant to a full or partial refund of the rent already paid or yet to be paid.
        • A speed limit of 15 kph applies to mechanical vehicles within the park grounds. Motor cycles, mopeds, motor-assisted pedal cycles, etc. are not allowed in the park unless the engine has been rendered inoperative.
        • The parking place is not guarded and parking is at own risk.
        • Mechanical conveyances with more than two wheels belonging to the tenant or to his party or to park visitors may not be parked within the grounds.
        • The tenant, his party and/or visitors are obliged to comply strictly with all directions and instructions given by or on behalf of the landlord consistent with the content of these regulations, this consistency to be judged solely by the landlord. 
        • The landlord and/or the person(s) responsible for ensuring compliance with these regulations is/are entitled, either with or without first issuing a warning, to expel (or have expelled) from the park, and deny further access to, anyone who does not comply with or who violates any of the clauses in these regulations. The landlord will not be obliged to fully or partially refund cottage rent and/or admission fees already paid or yet to be paid.
        • Permanent residence in the park cottages is not permitted. The tenant must at all times have a fixed place of residence elsewhere.
        • The tenant is obliged to keep the interior of the cottage and the surroundings clean and free of waste. The tenant is obliged to deposit waste in the containers provided for this purpose.
        • The tenant and in general all visitors are obliged to comply strictly with all government or statutory regulations that apply at the park. Motor boats are not allowed on the lakes in the park and swimming in the outdoor water is not permitted unless expressly indicated otherwise.
        • Outside the cottages, dogs must be kept on a lead. Dog owners must ensure that their dogs use the special dog toilets at the park. Should a dog do its business elsewhere, the dog owner must clean up the mess immediately.
        • The landlord is not liable for any damage and/or accidents resulting from participation in activities and/or the use of facilities, etc.
        • Tenants must be at least 18 years of age.
        • The landlord is at all times entitled to temporarily close down buildings and installations for maintenance work, without this giving the tenant/visitor the right to a full or partial refund of the rent already paid or yet to be paid.
        • The landlord reserves the right to introduce changes to the park equipment, the staff activities and the services provided to the tenant/visitor, as well as to the prices charged and any plans made or publicized.
        • If the tenant/visitor gives an incorrect name and/or address, this may lead to the immediate cancellation of the tenancy agreement or reservation.
        • Cottage tenants must adhere to the arrival and departure times given. Deviation from these times by the tenant may have financial consequences.
        • Smoking is not permitted in the bedrooms of the cottages, nor in any other place where there is a risk of fire.
        • The legal form of the landlord is an N.V. (Naamloze Vennootschap, or public limited company). The landlord reserves the right to change its legal form in the future, or to transfer its rights in relation to the park and ensuing from this contract.
        • Jacuzzi is allowed at extra cost (€50) small pools ( diameter 2 meters)
        • Proper use of indoor and outdoor stove.  Only pressed wood is allowed, this is available in the shop.
        • During dry periods (code orange/red, communicated by the government), fire pits/open barbecues are forbidden