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Nature is there to be enjoyed with all your senses, but we should also take care of it. To protect and enrich nature, we have set ourselves green goals. The ISO 14001, 50001 certificates show that we take sustainability very seriously. As well as the Green Key certificate, which all our parks have held since the beginning of 2022.

What is the Green Key

The Green Key is an international quality mark for companies in the tourism and leisure industry that achieve the highest standards in green, sustainability and social commitment. The quality mark shows that the company is willing to do everything to minimise its impact on the environment. We are proud to announce that all our parks have the Green Key quality mark.

What do you notice about Green Key in our villages?  

        • When you go shopping in our shop, you don’t get plastic bags anymore. You get one made of paper, but we also have beautiful reusable bags.
        • We save water, without compromising on comfort. Less water comes out of the tap and the rinsing schedule of the filters in the swimming pool has been adjusted.
        • In our shops, you will find many Fairtrade, organic and local products. 
        • In order to be able to recycle, it is important to sort waste. Therefore, we also ask for your help in our parks: put glass in the glass container, paper in the paper container, plastic in the plastic container… well, you get the idea.
        • A fauna and flora management plan has been drawn up for each park. This is how we ensure a rich biodiversity and beautiful nature for you to enjoy.
        • By organising fun activities with nature as the theme, you automatically become aware of the importance of a sustainable world while on holiday.
        • Of course, all our employees also play an important role. They are trained to work as ‘green’ as possible.
        • In your cottage there is a smart thermostat: if you are not ‘at home’ for a while, the temperature will automatically drop a little.
        • We use sustainable energy as much as possible. We buy it or make it ourselves, with solar collectors, wood stoves or by drilling for hot water at great depths.